I'm stepping WAY out of my shell today and wearing something I would only drool over on others... mint tights, a coral skirt (say what?!) and glitter flats! I'm normally a torn jeans, black tee and black flip flops person... ask anyone haha!

Last night, my mother in law and I randomly went to Macy's and I was jaw dropped when I saw the size of their women's section. Wow! They nearly had their own floor of larger sizes and I was like a kid in a candy store. She went crazy and bought me a ton of new tops (and the coral skirt)! Ahhh! This is coming from a girl who literally has 2-3 shirts and like a ton of torn jeans... thats' it. No joke. I told you I hated clothes shopping, normally I would leave with a tear in my eye and bring home no clothing. Last night was totally different, I walked in the door with a stack of clothes! I tried them on last night at home, was to tired to head to the dressing room there, and all but 2 tops fit good. One was just TOO tight for my taste and the other was just to short. I have a short waste, so shorter tops make me look really wide.

So all in all, it was an awesome night and full of fun fatshionable clothing! I'm currently redying my hair and loosing the lavender, it's just SO much upkeep and I'm out of Mystic Heather (Manic Panic), so I had to dilute the purple in conditioner the other night... and ya. It faded within a day because I mixed it too much. So I looked like a cotton ball head last night while shopping (never glance in the mirrors at a store, ever). When I wash my hair out I'll get a new pic! Merry Xmas Eve! Today is my mom's birthday too!


  1. I'm really happy for you, your shoes are fabulous and it's lovely when a shopping trip goes well :D

  2. A fab combination of colours and very festive! Merry Christmas x