The end of 2012 is near, VERY near. I have plans I had talked about and my top priority is to be healthy, happy and productive. Need to figure out the house situation, we may have a halt on our moving plans. Normally I would be going insane about it, but instead I'm rethinking our situation and the positives:

  1. We own our home, not many can say that these days.
  2. Zoƫ has some fun neighbor friends and huge green belt to play on.
  3. We can do whatever we want inside our house; paint comes to mind!
  4. We are near both of our parents.

These sound silly, but they are good reasons to love our home. It's small, around 780 sq ft and two stories, so we have less room than if it were one level. I've been looking up tons of idea's for small space living and solutions. I found some neat idea's for a small kitchen.
  • Loose the knife block and mount a magnetic one on the wall, will free up that counter space
  • Put up a wall rack for pots & pans, will clear up cabinet space
  • Use a magnetic spice rack with the round containers, will free up cabinet space instead of all those spice & herb bottles
  • Small kitchen island on wheels, gives you an extra counter and can be moved around

I'm making plans to hit up Ikea on Wens. for the racks and magnetic boards. This will free up some space and give us more room on the counters. I saw a $50 small island that would fit perfectly at the end of our counter to! 

I also need to pick up new paint for the downstairs (Living room/Dining room, Kitchen and Bathroom)... leaning towards a pale elephant gray. I want the entire downstairs one color and loose the aqua kitchen. Love the aqua, but it gets old after a while! Ooo doing this blog post has me excited!


  1. This is random but I have a nice magnetic knife mount we bought right before we bought our house. It's been taken out of the box, but unused. Let me know if you want it!

    1. OMG! Totally!! Ahhh! Haha!! Send me a note on FB :D

  2. Cheers to focusing on the positive! I also happened to see a tip recently on Pinterest that recommended using a mop holder on the inside of a cabinet door to hold spice jars. It would require that there is a little free space inside, but definitely doable and a good space-saver.

    We are also in the process of painting rooms inside our small house, and isn't it fun to pick out colors? I tend to agonize over them a little more than necessary, but it's fun all the same.