Still going at this body love thing, eh? YUP! After a couple days of feeling a bit discouraged, last night I felt like a damn princess! I had the urge to do a me photoshoot in the dim bathroom last night, but hey, I didn't want to loose this moment of feeling amazing!

As you can see, I did color my hair the other night (I did it right before xmas)! After shopping with my mother in law, I took a glance in the mirror and wow my hair looked SO badly faded, I just had to do some fast changes that night. Threw on this dark brown I had and left a chunk of faded lavender on the side. Love it! Way less upkeep than the lavender times a million!

So back to the body, I'm really loving my body more each day... with a few bumps in the road here and there. This morning I realized I am starting to love my thighs and stomach, say what?! Yes, it's true. Me and my belly have had a conflict of interest for years! I think the fight with my thighs may be over, but my belly and I will argue for a little longer I think... or more! Now that Aunt Flow has left the building, I feel less bloated and more "me" again haha! So I think this post would have been totally different if I did a couple days ago, very different and probably full of rage haha!

So for 2013, I want to work more on loving my stomach, arms and chin. I will say, the picture above has hid that chin so well... gotta love above shots! I need to learn to just let that stubbron double chin shine and try not to cover up so much. It's one reason I rarely take pictures of myself. I need to learn that it is me and it add's character to my face, it's there so I need to deal with it and move on.