Ok, I just saw this on Jes' blog The Militant Baker and thought I would spread the love on this event! She has started a huge new project called The Body Love Workshop! I've barely started venturing in self love and acceptance, so this caught my eye big time and I can't wait!  What is is you ask? THLW will be a day event and aimed for October 19, 2013 in Tucson, Az. It's a women's conference for all women, 18 and up. The conference encourages women to start questioning society's "normal", self hate and build a supportive community. 

"Every day, women in America see over 200 negative body image advertisements on television… a day. This is more than ever before and growing daily. Because of this media message, weight loss products gross over 58 billion dollars a year in the US .  This faulty promise of the “perfect body” is the cause of numerous societal and personal ills: depression, low self esteem, eating disorders, suicide attempts, poor relationship skills, inability to achieve dreams and so much more.

As females living in our world today, we have been conditioned to believe that our worth is contingent upon our physical attributes. To this we say: bullshit. The world needs a revolution to counter to this preposterous notion... and TBLW is just that." -

Jes is the backbone in this project, it is her dream in action. Please check out the TBLW site, it's still being updated but is already filled with a lot of info... plus awesome graphics!! :)

Also, you need to check out Jes' blog, it's gnarly as hell and love reading her posts!

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