My little carpet pirates, Elvis and Cha Cha. I always joke around about them being pirates when I'm out of the house... hunting for catnip treasure and jumping from couch to shelf. Crazy furballs of love that make me smile daily.

Elvis is our boy, a crazy tuxedo with half a mustache. He is a trouble maker by far but also a sweet lover boy who will jump in your lap at the most random of times. Loves his belly rubbed and plays fetch with his toys... and beer caps!

Now Cha Cha... my paint splattered siamese. She is my baby and my older kitty, but I'm in denial about her age. She is 10 years old, but I pretend she is only 8. She is on my lap daily and always purring. She suffers from seizures here and there and they suck to watch, but she hasn't had any in a while (which is awesome!). I love this cat to death!

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  1. Your cats are adorable! I can't wait to move out of my place and move in with my boyfriend and have cats again! I love tuxedo cats they are probably my favourite. Elvis is an awesome name for a tuxedo cat.

    Summer x