A long, long time ago I used to buy zine's. I loved them! Most were short, some were a little longer. Some were boring and some were just simply amazing! I recently bumped back into the zine scene and sad as it is, I have never made my own zine. Ever. I have thought about it tons, but never sat down to give it thought until now.

So for the past few days I have all kinds of gnarly idea's for a zine, then I got an idea for a second zine... and a third... and so on. With all that thinking I decided to finally start putting one together. I still have a lot more to write and sketch up, but it's in the works! I for sure want to make a crafty zine and stuff it with crafty crap from knitting to sewing to DIY. The zine I'm doing now is just random shit that surrounds me, bothers me, makes me happy, etc (I think it will be something my fellow women would enjoy for sure, I'm letting my feminist come out in this zine for sure). The zine is called Squid Cake and will hopefully be in the shop soon, just a few more pages!

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