So I want to order another pair of glasses from Coastal, love my current pair from them and I'm in love with the Derek Cardigan frames... so, I want to get some cat eye frames! Here are the two I'm stuck on.

The left: Derek Cardigan 7005 in Black (link here). I love the shape, but not sure if the size of them would be too large. My current clear Derek Cardigan's are 3mm smaller in height than these, so I don't think they would be that much different in height.

The Right: Love L747 in Black (link here). Love this shape and style, reminded me of Wayfarer but with a little cat eye. They are cheaper and more in my confort zone I think, so I'm leaning towards them a tad more on the comfort part.

I'm SO stumped on which pair. I want something fun, but still "me". Also, they have a 30% off sale on all their glasses, so I just HAVE to jump on that now!

Which pair do you like?


  1. I like them both, but as a fellow glasses wearer I know it's strange to step out of the glasses comfort zone and get a slightly larger frame, so go for the ones on the right! They are very funky :)

  2. I'm actually quite keen on the left pair, BUT I wear cat eye glasses every day, so theyre well within MY comfort zone. Go with your gut!

  3. i love them both ...but the ones on the right are a bit more subtle..i do love the left one though...waaah decisions!

  4. Oh man, I have GOT to have those Love ones!