I've been slacking big time with blog posting, not that I haven't had anything to write, I've just been swamped! A while ago I posted that we were looking to move and then thought we would be staying put in our current house and just make do... but, things changed! We are officially moving and put a hold on an apartment yesterday. 

We will gain close to 200 sq ft, so thats a huge plus! Also, it's one level... bye bye 2 story house.


Lately, not a whole lot haha! I'm not much of a tv person these days. We have been watching the Breaking Bad seasons, just about to start season 3. I do fill myself with some trash tv during the day when Z is busy, gotta love those lie detectors! haha!


As far as music goes, mostly live stuff by friends. Bob's friend Dan has been playing a lot lately, so we have been listening and watching his live music. But I did run into a group called Kings of Convenience and I really dig their stuff!


The move!! We have 8 weekends to pack and I know it will go by so fast! I've been pinning and adding tons of Etsy items to my "shopping list", as well as an Ikea shopping list. I can't WAIT!!


Hmmm... the main thing on my mind has been to get a fresh trim and a new color. I'm thinking of bleaching out the color again and either going lilac or something else fun again, teal perhaps?

  • Finishing up Blythe faces and reroots! I need a break, but I still love doing them.
  • The move, of course.
  • More makeup in the mail, I have my first Urban Decay palette coming!!


I'm still reading through Hot & Heavy. I stopped for a while so I can focus on faces and such, so I plan to pick it back up this weekend. I'm still only 3 or so stories in, love it!

  • Donuts with sprinkles!!!
  • The cold crispe air out lately, not looking forward to our summer heat.
  • My new glasses! Wood grain and clear plastic.
  • My kitty Cha Cha <3


  1. Mmm donuts with sprinkles are the best.

  2. I love that knitting bag! Urban Decay was the first major make up product I owed as a teen! I do miss the lip gloss I bought, it was a fuchsia and smelled really good. Can't wait to see what you got!

  3. congrats on the new place! i can't wait to see what you got too :)