Today has been a bit hectic... yet lazy? So much to do and trying to get it all done, yet all I want to do is sit on my ass and stare at the ceiling hah! I did manage to sew up four Blythe dresses, list them, pay my Etsy bill (gotta stay on top of that this time!) and work on this here blog entry. So I'll call that productive, right?

Shameless... I'm watching Jerry Springer while the wee one is off playing. The drunk is about to propose to his trashy girlfriend! We have been watching a lot of the History channel and Drugs Inc. I find it fascinating to see how people live and choose their path in life.

Currently I'm listening to my toddle make a mess in the kitchen and tell me "nothing, it's all under control...". Ya.

New things for the shop! Been brainstorming a ton lately and keep coming up empty until last night. Might start making a couple new bags and fun things for the shop after the move. Cat Lady tote bags sound good?

What would you guys like to see in the shop? Handspun yarn? Knits? Need some idea's!

Decorating! Still trying to get some inspiration for the new place. I think I have the dining room down good, but I'm looking for lots of organizing idea's. Also, I'll be sewing and working in the dining room in a "pop up" work space, so I'm limited on storage for craft supplies.

This weekend! It's Z's 4th Birthday and we are having her party on Saturday, super stoked! 

Zzzzz.... still in limbo on my book, just to busy to get any reading done. It's driving me crazy! I'm looking for some new blogs to read though!

What are your favorite blogs?

  • Kitties!
  • Men with beards (ahem, husband)
  • How Z looks when she sleeps, so cute!
  • Constellation themed things (fabric especially!)

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