Today I feel fabulous and amazing! I've been obsessed with my new Urban Decay palette, I need more UD makeup now! I saw they are coming out with two new Oz inspired palette's! Eep! I really want the Glinda palette. I still need to get my hands on the Naked ones too, they are high up on my list... even more so now that I have actually tried UD eyeshadow.

I really need to indulge on reading more fatshion and HAES blogs (healthy at every size) to help boost up my confidence a touch. We all need a boost from time to time, right? Lately my boost has been from my awesome new flat iron!! I have never owned a flat iron, just a big fat curling iron... and wow, my life has been changed! I'm in love completely with this $25 flat iron I got at Target. It's by Remington and it's the Wet to Dry kind. I got the more narrow one since I have short hair and it's just the best thing ever. It has even helped give my hair more volume and keeps it shape for most of the day. I tend to wear my hair behind my ears a lot, especially if I'm knitting or something, so I always get that hair ear kink but it seems to be less of a kink now. 

Which fatshion and fat acceptance blogs do you follow?
I would love to hear them!

Speaking of hair, I was tempted to dye it again and go back to lilac, but I'm having second thoughts. Sometimes I love the current color, then at times I hate it and throw on a beanie. Maybe I'll just refresh the brown and rebleach/tone my chunk in front. Hmmm... I wish I had unlimited funds for hair color and Starbucks. That would be my wish currently haha!

A little shop update will be happening this week! I've cut out some new Blythe dresses and they should hit the shop before Thursday. In the update I will have 2 Batman, 1 Simpsons and 1 Hello Kitty dress. I'm finishing up a couple custom orders for Anni, Holly and Amy. I was a tad behind, so I'm catching up, I promise haha! I will also be working on the faces for Sue and Steffanie this week as well. I'm waiting on a couple Blythe's to arrive that I will be starting the end of the week. Whew! I think I am now officially closed for custom work and will not be taking any more custom orders on clothing till after the move in March. I still think I will stay closed for custom faceups though after March, I tend to get stressed out very easily with faceups and would like to be stress free in our new place. So we will see!


  1. OMG, I like Blyths, but never been too much into them. But that ghostworld-esque chica is just awesome! I might have to check them out a bit more!

  2. My boyfriend would go crazy for that batman fabric!