1. camisagato, 2. tribute to miss van, 3. #122 Feeling ill!, 4. Vomit, 5. Opening Day at #rampagestudios !!! New UU! So happy (^-^), 6. cat barrette, 7. a little bunny., 8. Halloween nails!, 9. green tree frog

I have been inspire searching again for some idea's and color for some new plush and custom doll work. I can spend hours on Flickr going from picture to picture. Often if I find a photo I love, I'll look at that photographers stream of favorites, more times than none I get lost in a sea of amazing photography.

Today we are throwing Miss Z, my little one, a birthday party. She will be 4 tomorrow!

Current obsessions...

  • The color mint... with lots of shades of pink
  • Sofubi, always obsessed with Ugly Unicorns by Rampage Toys
  • Damien Rice, another normal obsession of mine
  • Beautiful fat women, I get lost looking at photoshoot's of these lovely ladies
  • Halloween... oh yes, always on my mind

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