Busy day today running errands but I finally picked out some cheap yarn for my granny square throw pillows! I saw the round version on this blog here, and think they would be perfect for the new place! The eggshell white on top will be the background for the pillows to!

Odd, but I finally got myself a flat iron!!! I have been using a really old big curling iron to do my hair, it would pull my hair so much, I hated it! So I splurged on a cheap $25 one (I'll have to check which, cant' remember off hand), but it's amazing and works perfectly! It's for wet to dry hair to!! Ahhhh! It demanded a quick shot or two of my hair haha!

I really wish I would check the lighting on pictures before finishing my little "photo shoot", swear I have a chin haha! It always seems to disappear in pictures... although I'm probably just giving myself an excuse and need to just accept I have a double chin! Haha! I really love these clear frames, they are growing on me more and more. I got a bad headache last night from the wood grain glasses, not their fault, just need to get used to the frame. They just feel a tad wonky like the clears did for the first few days. So maybe I'll put them back on this weekend.

I'll leave you with an adorable picture of my little girl, she will be 4 on the 27th this month (OH MY GOD I HAVE A 4 YEAR OLD). She wants to do Strawberry Shortcake for her birthday theme, fun!

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