My husband's friend Dan is super talented and I've always been a secret admirer of his work. He recently came over this weekend to hang out with us and played up on our patio wall, it was nice to hear him play again and it's been ages since I've hung out with him. Tonight my husband discovered some of his old work on YouTube and I just had to do a feature of him on the blog.

Bob, my husband, also plays guitar. They jam a lot... or when they can, it's a little crazy at our house with an almost 4 year old (her birthday is this month, gulp). I'm hoping in the near future we can spend more time hanging out all together and enjoy some more music. 

These three are my favorite's of his and are all his own work. His name is Daniel Badgett, enjoy!

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  1. wicked tunes, especially like the second one! great beat...oh how I wish my house was filled with music again. we used to live in Brighton and have a lot of friends popping by and playing music but alas now we live in the sticks and have two little kiddies its few and far between. well...apart from my partners guitar playing and my son on the drum...or quality street tins!...actually there is always noise of some sort..just maybe not so tuneful as your groovey friends! :)