After wanting the book Hot & Heavy for a while now, I finally remembered to grab it while I was out and about yesterday. LOVE IT and I've only managed to read a paragraph on page one so far (been busy). I can't wait to read this book, I can already tell it will be something I can actually relate to for a change. Jes over at The Militant Baker loves this book as well, she was the one who made me want to read it!

Also while I was out and about, I ran into these gnarly Nanoblocks!!! I have seen them on Instagram and have had them on my wish list at Amazon for ages! They had some in stock at a puzzle store in the mall and I just couldn't resist. Some say they are over priced, but I really don't think so. Yes, they are small. But in the sheep pack for $10, you get 120 pieces... thats a lot! They are too fun, I just love toys and lego's were always my favorite growing up. I highly recommend these... for adults! Haha!

So I mentioned I want to make more plush this year, so last night I was super inspired and started sketching out some new monsters! I'm changing up the style of them slightly due to my love of floppy plush, I am making the torso slightly longer, longer floppy legs and will be adding beads in the butt/hands/feet to give it a more floppy feel. These two guys are the first I'll be making, but I may keep one or both for myself... I own NONE of my own plush. So I'll call them my prototype's haha!


  1. those nano blocks look fun and the sketch for your plushie is adorableeeee.

  2. I've been dying to try putting beans/rice in the bottoms of my dolls to see if it helps them sit better! I think I'll have to put it in a sachet or something though? I'm worried about them working their way out of the bottom where the crochet isn't so tight!


    PS. Found you through Militant Baker. Back read quite a bit! I love it!

    1. A sachet would work great! I crochet tight so even rice won't slip through my plush lol! Glad you found me!! :D