I recently was contacted by Firmoo and asked if I would do an honest review of their glasses! Since I wear glasses 24/7 and needed some new ones I jumped at this chance! I ran over to my local eye doctor to get a recent prescription so I could pick out a new pair of glasses at Firmoo to review.

Once I picked out my pair that I wanted to review, they were done in about a week and took about a week to arrive, very fast! I ended up going for the DBSN5971 in Wood Grain! They came in an awesome hard case with an additional pouch, wiping sheet and a mini screw driver. Love the packaging and the case is perfect since I now have two pairs of glasses in general, so I can carry them in my bag and switch if I want!

My first glance at the glasses were awesome! Love them! The wood grain is gnarly as hell and they even have a wood texture to them. The wood grain doesn't seem to be just printed on, it carries through on the entire frames, even in not so noticable spots. So these are made very well! The price of Firmoo glasses are beyond affordable and I already have plans to order many more, I just need to decide on which since they have so many awesome frames for all kinds of styles. I always opt for "nerdy" frames and they have a such a huge selection of nerd frames it makes me drool.

PROS // I absolutely LOVE them! They are made very well, seem like they would hold up great to! Very stylish and super comfortable!

CONS // Not being able to try them on in person can be a bit of a drag, but they offer free returns/exchanges so that helps! That is my only con with ordering glasses online, but these were my second online glasses purchase and both turned out perfect!

Firmoo also has a current deal where you can get your first pair of glasses FREE! What better way to try out a new pair, even my husband is thinking of jumping on this deal for him. To check out this awesome deal, head on over to Firmoo here! Also, Firmoo offers a fast and easy return or exchange if your not 100% satisfied with them, totally risk free!

Where to find Firmoo?

** All my reviews are done with my honest opinion, I never take money for my reviews. I also only review products that I can relate to or like. If you would like me to review a product of yours, please send me an email: milkyrobot [at] gmail [dot] com, if your product is my style or something I like, I would love to review it! **


  1. Those glasses are adorable! I am so glad that you are sharing more photos of yourself. Adorb!

    1. Aww thanks! I have been enjoying the mini photo shoots haha!! I still have some struggles from day to day, but for the most part, I feel amazing! <3

  2. I really dig them! i love a little faux bois!