So, I've been a little MIA and apologize that! Eep! I haven't been feeling to "bloggy" last week and was swamped with work and blah blah blah. But, a new post! I also got new glasses from Coastal! These are the Derek Cardigan 7008 in Ice. It was a love/hate relationship for the first few days. My eyes look a LOT smaller and I wasn't used to the clear, but today... I love them!

I ran into a friend on Gmail chat one night and haven't talked to them in a while. We started catching up and they asked me "How is your weight loss going?"... so I told them I quit Weight Watchers well over a month ago and started a journey down the body positive and fat acceptance road. They then immediately said "So, you gave up huh?". Before even reading this message I was fuming, I new what it said and didn't need to even read the whole thing to know what they meant. The answer is NO, I didn't give up. I choose to accept myself as is and try a new route on staying happy and positive. Also, WW was never about weight loss to me entirely, it was mainly to help me with portions and to just eat healthy. Fat people can eat healthy just as well as thin people. Fat people can watch their portions just as easily as thin people to. After they said that I said I had to go. I don't need to explain myself to them, I knew for a fact no matter what I said they would still think I "gave up".

This was the other night... like say Tuesday I think. So that kind of set my week, I was feeling very blah all week after this conversation. I'm still not feeling 100% positive, but I think this will all change this week! I need to refocus and get back on track with a happier me. I have been beyond enthusiastic with my body and myself lately, so I need to root back on to that mood and carry on. We all have struggles and we all have moments were we feel not so pleased. This was one and it hit me hard.

I have been reading the Nearsighted Owl this week and I LOVE her latest posts on the blog! She has been taking diet and weight loss ad's and turning them into fat loving, fat accepting and body positive ads! These new ads make me smile so much that my cheeks ache! I needed this pick me up! This one hits home to me because I was on Weight Watchers for years (say... 4?). It was a yo yo for me and I always had food on the brain and the thought "must get skinny". The original ad is here.


  1. Well done :) It's so hard to unlearn society's norms on weight, etc. I'm on my way there too, and I still find myself feeling self conscious in front of uni buddies when I feel my tummy might be too prominent (I'm a UK Size 18/20 and weigh about 220lbs; so not just a little bit of a tummy!). It is really hard, but focus on wearing things that you like and not seeing the belly, or the thighs, or the arms, but how truly awesome you look and feel because it's you and nothing is more awesome than confidence! That body, and those lovely fat bits are all those family dinners lovingly cooked, evenings in front of the telly laughing, days out indulging. Loving your body is nothing to feel guilty about. This is something I struggled with, "how can I love a body that is classed as obese and unhealthy?", as though I was being delusional and all this fat acceptance is just a load of unhealthy people trying to justify it. But really it isn't. You, and everybody else has the right to be happy, secure and beautiful.

    Fat Acceptance and Body Positive is really changing how a lot of people think, it will slowly become the norm and that's really exciting :) Look out for body positive tumblrs :)

    I also think it helps if you look at food as something to enjoy, not to be guilty over. Eat the salad if you like, but don't see it as you being good (or the start of a new diet/way of eating, so when you eat something "unhealthy" you've failed), just as you eating what you want. Same with the ice cream and the chips! Focus on being happy and being you :)

    (Also, super awesome to see my little banner on your page!)

    Have a good day :) xxxx

  2. I really like your glasses and your hat! Keep up the good work! Some people don't understand stuff. I think you're really doing great! Weight loss is easier if you're feeling happy and positive :)

  3. Here's to you and your positive attitude, even in the face of crappy ones. Also your new glasses are AWESOME!

  4. Oh my goodness! I am so happy to see that you've found HAES. I have my own rule that once blogs start talking about dieting, I remove them from my feed--so I've been coming back from time to time to find your safe-for-me posts. I'll have to resubscribe.

    Good on you! It is difficult to learn to love yourself after growing up in a dieting culture. And those glasses are super cute.

    1. So glad to have you back! It took me a while to really understand that I can love myself and not hate my body. I feel fantastic, still struggle from time to time, but I'm learning each day. It really is hard, everywhere you look is either dieting or "thin is in", now when I see it on blogs, tv and magazine I just cringe. lol