Before I list some random facts about your truely, I got new frames!!! This makes what, three new pairs? I think I'm slowly becoming a frame hoarder! Love these new frames, they were from Coastal (link here). Sorry for the lame iPhone pics, I was too excited to pull out the camera hah!

I was tagged to name 10 random facts about me, so I thought it would be fun to post them on the blog. Some may find it interesting or I may bore you to death, sorry in advance!

1 ) I will be 30 on June 21st... and I'm super excited! I was dreading turning the big 3  0, but now to me it seems like a turning point in my life that I'm really looking forward to.

2 ) Before discovering Fat Acceptance, I was on and off Weight Watchers for 4 years. In December after discovering this movement, I quit WW and removed myself from anything diet related (FB, emails, websites, pictures) and haven't turned back since. Even I can see the change in myself and I love it. An extra note on, I am 5'7" and weigh around 290 lbs, I haven't checked my weight since November.

3 ) I've been a feminist for most of my life but never very radical. I've always been in the "scene" but don't sound my voice, I'm pretty shy in general.

4 ) If I could move tomorrow I would head straight to Portland, one day... one day. I have never even been to Portland (I know), yet I have been longing to go there for years and years. I'm hoping next year we can visit there!

5 ) I am not religious, not one bit. I have been an Atheist for as long as I can remember. I get super pissed when people bad mouth Atheists and say we aren't good, respectful people. My father is an Atheist and so is my husband, all good people.

6 ) My favorite part of my body is my belly, but I'm still learning to love it. I've always had a struggle with the part of me, but after thinking "why?", I had no answer and it seems to help me love it more each day.

7 ) I'm obsessed with Radiohead!

8 ) I tend to take on way to many projects at once, but I work better under pressure. I think I have always been an over achiever, but in a good way. As I type, I currently have too many things going on and planned out after I move in March.

9 ) I've been knitting and spinning yarn for over 11 years now. Wow! I taught myself to knit, spin and crochet. I'm addicted to yarn and squishing it daily. I also ran a yarn shop filled with my own handspun yarn, hand dyed fibers and yarn before my Z was born 4 years ago.

10 ) When it comes to movies, I way prefer to watch documentaries and foreign films. I used to be a die hard horror flick nut but after a while I became super chicken, big time! Although I often watch the Ghost Hunter shows and such on tv late at night while working, go figure!


  1. Hi there! I've been reading your blog for a little while now, but have yet to comment. I got excited when I saw 5'7" and 290 because those are my stats too! And I'd love to move to Portland even though I've never been there. Will be there for the first time in August and I cannot wait! It definitely seems to be the ultimate destination for fat girls. :)

    1. Love your blog and photography! You are adorable!!!! Portland seems to have SO much going on that I'm into, from crafts to fat girls to the shops. As silly as it is, one reason I'm wanting to visit is to visit the shop Fat Fancy! lol

  2. Glasses twins! We sound very similar in other ways too - music, religion, slight a-type personality...and yes come visit portland!

    1. We are! Crazy small world! I freaked when I saw I ordered the glasses you had and it was nice to see they look awesome! I was worried they would look funky on me but I like them more than my clear Derek Cardigans, so you will see these a ton now! lol If we come for a visit, I will be sure to meet up with you! :D

  3. "The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland...."


    We're also hoping to settle up that way some day.

  4. Yay for random facts helping us to get to know you!

  5. Damn girl, you're tall! Compared to me at least. :P I'm only 5 feet!

    That last picture totally cracks me up!