Over at The Nearsighted Owl, Rachele has started an E-Course called How to be a Fat Bitch and I jumped with glee when I saw this on her blog yesterday. Each week she will give us a discussion, video and an assignment.

Jump on over to her blog and check it out! You can sponsor and donate as well to help things out! Each week when she does this, I will prompt a blog post on my part of the discussion and assignment.


How do you deal with people that make assumptions about you based on being fat? Is the best revenge to live well and be happy? How do you feel about the concept of there being a "good fatty" and a "bad fatty" perceived in society?

[Me] Lately I have been getting the "you gave up?" comments and it is so frustrating. At least once a week I get several people asking me about how my weight loss is going, then when I tell them I quit Weight Watchers and chose to be happy and want to just love myself as is, I get the long pause and then here it comes.... "So you gave up?". There needs to be more fat positive and acceptance out there. I see a lot more of it being talked about (in a positive way) and I see it getting bigger this year for sure! The media has warped the brains so much into thinking "Thin + Weight Loss = Happiness" and it is SO not true. I have never felt more happier in my life, it's almost insane at how happy I am. I no longer wake up dreading the day and thinking about my fat, I now wake up happy and ready to take on the day!


Write down 5 things that you are going to do that make you happy. Not "even though you are fat" but because you are fat and awesome. 5 things that have nothing to do with trying for the sake of others. 5 things for yourself and your well being.
  1. Wear a skirt and tights!
  2. Spend more time outdoors before it gets too hot (Arizona, ahem).
  3. Take more pictures of myself!
  4. Start up yoga again or join a class.
  5. Go on a baking spree after the move!


  1. Love your 5 things! I wish I could be there for your baking spree :)

    Thanks for joining in! I can't wait to see what you have to say in coming weeks.

    1. Thanks!! I just can't stop talking about this e-course today! I love it!

  2. Personally, I think you rock your look - period. When I look at you in photos on your blog, I don't see fat or skinny... I see a really cool looking gal who rocks at creativity!

    If I am ever in AZ (and I visit often because my parents live there), I'd love to hook you up with some new headshots or what-have-yous. I myself found comfort in my own body shape (I am 50 lbs heavier than I was when I moved to KY 5 years ago) after going out and stepping in front of the lens instead of hiding behind it.

    Keep on rockin' on!

    (and I love your background on your blog!)

    1. Your comment really touched me! I'm so thankful for your words and I LOVE your photography! I would totally love to take you up on that next time you are in town! Just send me a email anytime you are in town!

      Last year was probably my toughest year ever. I have been the same weight for a couple years now (maybe 4 years and a couple pounds heavy now). I can tell this year is a different than all the rest, I feel more comfortable this year and it's only been a month in! :)

  3. Hey there! I totally connected with your comment over on NSO!

    I was always afraid to say I was dieting on my blog because if I ever stopped or didn't lose anything I'd feel this immense pressure that I was doing something wrong. That's the weird thing about blogging: you share your life but there are somethings that should be personal & you shouldn't have to feel judged for. I hope you get what I'm saying :)

    I'm so glad to be a part of this little course to find some cool people out there! The reason I love the fat positive movement is because it's about accepting you as you are. Loving you & not some ideal version of are you & that's all you need! :) :) :) So glad to hear that you are embracing all the day can bring you...such encouragement!

    Happy weekend!

    1. YES! That is exactly that! Loving yourself as you are. Some people seem to get it twisted when I talk about body positive and fat acceptance, they automatically think I want to GET fat on purpose. I'm like, no one chooses to be fat, they choose to be themselves. I'll admit, when I first discovered this movement, I was unsure about the true meaning of what it is. But after reading blogs and websites, it clicked!

      So glad you found me! I'm having a blast meeting so many new and awesome people! It's nice to connect with people that I can relate to and chat with! :D

    2. P.S. I LOVE your designs! Just took a peek at your blog, love! I've been in the "market" for a new blog revamp! :D

  4. These are good! I especially love the tights ones and the pictures of yourself!