First up, I wanted to mention that I will be setting up a table at a local craft show in April! Yay! I normally do plush, sewn goods, etc. But this year I really wanted to work on some items themed at feminism and fat acceptance. My idea was to make cute print tote bags with silk screened images on them and was curious what things you would want to see on the bags? I really want to do a Riots Not Diets and a Cat Lady one. What else would you want to see on a bag?

I will also be silk screening a bunch of patches, making some monster plush and some of the kids/plus size skirts I've been making. If I can get my Squid Cake zine copied by then I'll have those at my table to!

Also, I would love to have a small corner of info and freebies! If you have any zines, pamplets, freebie things that relate to feminism, body positive, fat acceptance, etc. Let me know, I would love to set them on my table!

Now on to the blah blah blah part. I have been feeling a bit down lately, nto sure if thats the right word I want to use, but it's what comes to mind. Mostly at night, I feel a bit blah while searching at clothing and inspiration. I just keep getting the whole thin, thin, thin in my face and it's just ugh. So I have been wondering what you guys do when you feel like this? What picks you up and makes you feel better?

I was thinking about putting together some kind of private FB group for use fatties to go to when we need to chat when feeling like this. Not sure if anyone would be of interest to that? Sometimes when I feel really down, I wish I could just reach out to someone and chat about it, to help get out of that funk.


  1. I think the ideas you have for the bags is great. I know a lot of people love their cats and pugs.
    As for feeling down, I usually go watch a funny movie to cheer me up, or a classic movie like, dirty dancing. :]

  2. Nobody puts Jess in the corner.... ;)

  3. Hey Jess :) I'm part of a Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective group on fb, but a global one would be great!