I completely forgot to post about my first Ipsy glam bag last month, eep! This is my second bag, I signed up last month right before the waiting list popped up. The second I heard "makeup subscription"' I jumped on this! What is Ipsy? Ipsy is a monthly beauty subcription, it's $10 a month and you get 4-5 beauty products. Most products are full size, some are travel or samples (but good samples). I loved last months bag and this month is even more awesome! First I'll recap last months bag, my very first Ipsy glam bag! Oh and here is their site here.

Sorry for the crap pictures, but you get the idea.
  • SOHO Concealer Brush (retails for $7.99)
  • Big and Sexy Hairspray (retails for $6)
  • Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Mini Body Butter (retails for $7)
  • Nailtini Nail Polish in Frappe (retails for $13)
  • Josie Maron 100% Argan Oil  (retails for approx. $7)
I love this bag! It also came in a black vinyl like bag with star print lining, cute! I think my favorite products in this bag are the argan oil and hair spray, I use both of these daily and plan to rebuy when I run out. I normally have a super dry face, so I use a little of the oil on my checks, forehead and a bit on my chin. Love it! I have yet to use the body butter and concealer brush, but I will soon! I forgot I had these since I just lef them in the bag and stashed it on the bar.
Next up, this months bag! Love! I was super excited when I saw the sneak peek's pop up on Ipsy's Facebook page. This bag was awesome and I ran to the bathroom to try some of the goodies right away!

In this bag is...
  • Pixi Flawless and Poreless Face Primer .5 oz (retails approx. $14)
  • Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Sample (retails approx. for $3)
  • Lash Cards (retails for approx. $3)
  • MicaBeauty Gel Eye Liner (retails for $30)
  • Pop Mascara (retails for approx. $11)
As much as I love this bag, I was a little sad to see most were samples and some (like the eyeshadows) were very small. Although, the gel eyeliner is a full size pot and even the mascara is a good size, awesome! I've already used the eyeshadow (the gold gold and dark charcoal) and the mascara. Love both and I will for sure get myself a Coastal Scents palette, I've been curious about the pigment for a while and it is surprisingly very nice, much better than E.L.F. in my opinion and I have two of their palette's and rarely use them, one is the full color 144 palette and the other is just the 32 mixed color palette.

So ya, love the bag just wish there was a little more of the eyeshadow, no biggies though, the gel liner made up for that for sure!

Did a quick swatch of the eyeshadow's, from left to right...
  • Sunbeam
  • Dark Goldenrod
  • Golden Globe
  • Dark Golden Olive

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