Yesterday, a lovely reader left such a sweet comment and this video link. I have never heard of Lindy West until now and wow, she rocks my socks! I love this girl, she is awesome! You have to watch this if you haven't already, it clicked when she talked about swimsuits and the rest was epic for me. I have yet to receive and negative comments, but I know I will surely get them down the road and I want to be prepared for these. This girl is just, uhhh-mazing!

Lindy West at Back Fence PDX from Back Fence PDX on Vimeo.

I also just read this awesome article that made me wish I could use a high lighter on my MacBook screen. Here is one of my favorite snips from the article:

9. There are worse things in the world than being fat.

I’ve heard quite a few thin women say things like, “Thank God I’m not fat.  I’d kill myself.”  Or “getting fat would be the worst thing.”
Oh?  Worse than child abuse, genocide, homophobia, or being allergic to chocolate?  Worse than being an asshole?  Worse than treating people like crap because of how they look?
Is being fat worse than being an ignorant bigot?  Worse than being a murderer?  Worse than drowning kittens?  Amebic dysentery?  Losing a loved one?  Losing a limb?
Hating yourself is pretty damn awful too.  Trust me, it’s way worse than being fat.


  1. Glad you liked the video! She really is illustrating the already well known fact that people are mean and bully because they are unhappy or abused themselves, she just packages the sentiment in such a relatable wonderful way that it really hits home. The real problem is, before children are so shamed by the fat hating world they are comfortable in their own skin. I can remember really hating being forced to wear a t-shirt over my one piece bathing suit when my thin sister got to wear just a bikini. Oh how soggy and inferior it made me feel! I was so shamed that I actually refused to wear any sleeves shorter than 3/4 length until about a year ago due to my mothers comments about hiding my fat arms, and school mates jiggling and kicking my chair because they "liked to see my fat jiggle" now, as an adult with children of my own, I wonder what these kids were going through themselves to do such hateful things, and I hurt for them...I do wish we could make the world understand, there are ten zillions things worse than having excess body fat.

  2. Really enjoyed that :) Be a nice person, don't attack the weak. How simple :)