Remember these, my Ick's? Well... they are being casted again soon! I will be ordering some new airbrush colors and stock up on resin here soon so the husband and I can start casting a fresh new army. I miss these little resin guys but I have been so busy, I couldn't find any time to make more. But the dust has cleared and I now have time for lots of projects coming up. Some other projects I plan on working on are...

  • My plush book - This has been in the works for almost 2 years now, I finally want to set time aside and work on it. I have most of the patterns for it, I just need to work on the actual book and photo samples... then shop around again for a publisher or reconnect with some sources I was in touch with before.
  • Resin Icks - I plan to cast more Ick's and do them often again. All my Ick's are released in limited quantities and color themes. I will be scheming up some color inspiration for the next batch!
  • New Plush - My love for making plush is huge! I used to sketch up and make monsters like a mad scientist up until I tried to get into a big name plush show and ended up not make the cut. I know the quality of my plush, I know the imagination and detail that goes into each one I make. My plush (vain as this sounds) are awesome! So I was just crushed to pieces and it put a damper on my plush making so I put it to the side.
  • Yarn Spinning - I want to spin yarn like crazy again and list more in the shop. I used to run a handmade yarn shop filled with handspun, dyed yarn and spinning fiber. I'm not sure I will do that again, but it always made me happy to hear a customer write and say how much they love my handspun I sent them. Makes me super happy!
  • Cook! - I want to cook more at home, lots more. I am a fast food junkie and it really pays a toll on me, I can tell. I just need more energy during the day, so home cooked food always feels so much better to me (as I finish up my Burger King while typing this... hehe).
  • Etsy Shops - I plan on rebranding my Milky Robot etsy shop here soon, just need time to sit and think about how I want it to look and such. Details, logo, packaging... etc.
Back to the talk about shops! I did "open" a new one called The Fluffy Ghost last night. This was the shop I was thinking of using for my plush and resin, but when I think more about it, I really want to open a "human" shop. I love making skirts so I was thinking of making more to sell in this shop. I can only make plus size and little girls skirts since that body size is what I have access to all the time (me and my 4 year old). Other than skirts, I used to make these super cute wrist bags from this pattern source here. I've also made purses and such to in the past. I thought about making more of these again for the shop, not sure what people think of them? I'm super picky about my fabric and such as well!

My husband bought me the Dream Job e-course last night and I love it! I've only been able to read a little into it so far, but I love it. I really recommend it to anyone who is opening a shop or already has a shop and wants to improve it. It's awesome!! Once I finish the whole e-course I'll write up my review on it for you guys! If anyone has taken the Blog Design Love e-course, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!


  1. This all sounds awesome! I always love your fabric choices and your bags in the past were super cute.

    As for the plush, they are my favorite! That plush show can suck an egg because they don't know what they missed out on. I really need to get one once you start making them again. And I would totally buy your pattern book.

    1. Thanks Lauren!! I will be sure to post when I have more available again! I always love your comments <3

  2. Oooo I can't wait to see the process and end results of everything you have planned!