Finally picked up my book order at my parents house, I still have all my packages sent there due to the theft that happened at our place, that will change after we move though! The other day I ordered two books from Amazon and one was just too fun to pass... Fat Ladies in Space coloring book! Now, how awesome is that?!

  • Fat Ladies in Space by Nicole Lorenz (a body-positive coloring book)
  • The Fat Girl's Guide to Life by Wendy Shanker

I'm still in the middle of my other two books (Hot & Heavy and Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere) but will hopefully finish them soon. I have been packing and working on doll work like crazy. We have 3 weekends left to pack (I'll be packing during the week days to now). I can't believe it's creeping up so fast, I'm so excited and just want this move to be done with so I can decorate the new place! Ahhh!

Radical Self Worship

This weekend I did several "me" things! I got some more yarn spun, went thrifting with the husband and my mother in law and we had a BBQ at my inlaws!

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