An amazing blogger named Cortnie, who I found on IG one day, has started a Self Love Worship Challenge! Cortnie blogs over at That Cortnie Girl and has links to her social media on there. I saw this pop up on my Blog Lovin' feed and had to jump on this challenge immediately ... well, kind of, I still need to do my challenge today!

The Challenge:
Worship yourself intentionally at least once a day, over a period of two weeks. This time period doesn’t have to start on a specific date, or end on a specific date. It can be something that you end up not liking so much and can be shorter, or it can be something that you end up loving so much that you want to make it permanent. Skipping a day isn’t armageddon. Just try. 
This worship can be tons of different actions, like going for a walk one day, giving someone a consensual and meaningful hug, painting your nails the next day, taking a bath another day, drinking less coffee another day, complimenting someone, thanking someone for being your friend, smoking less another day, smiling, setting goals for yourself in a little notebook the next day, or anything else you might come up with!
Check out her blog for more info or click the heart on the right side of my blog to take you there!

My Radical Self Worship Today:

Today I will plan on spending a little time today to read Hot & Heavy, I'm almost done with the "love" section, for those who are reading it to will know what I'm talking about. I plan to take a little of each day to do something "me" related and only me.

(On all my blog posts while doing this challenge, I will include my daily challenge to the bottom of each post.)

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