I have been super busy with packing but still found some time today to head over to a new favorite antique shop! Bob and I went there yesterday but right before they closed, so I could only check out the first floor and wow... I did a huge Pyrex haul! I've only been collecting for a couple years but my collection is small since I had no place to display it, but in the new place I am picking up an Expedit just for my Pyrex, so I went a little crazy this weekend and expanded my collection times a ton!

I just couldn't stop, most pieces were under $8-10 and out in my area, that is a killer price, especially for an antique shop! I was at a couple other shops and they wanted $35 for some of the $8 pieces I bought. Since we couldn't go downstairs to look more, we went back this morning when they opened and I found a few more pieces and some tins. Can't wait to put these on display in the new place with my others!


  1. Love, love, love the pyrex. I have a collection myself... they are just nice to look at!

  2. Wow, the thrift stores by me must really suck because i never find anything this usual and awesome!! =)

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