Yarn and fiber anyone? Got some amazing batts in the mail from the awesome Liz of Hobbledehoy! These batts are just killing me, I want to spin them up so bad but I need to bite down and wait a bit so I can get some work finished. Boo.

On another note, I did finish this yarn not to long ago, can't remember if I posted about it or not... to lazy to go back and check! So we will pretend I didn't post it yet hah! The yarn was spun from a batt set made by Atomic Blue. It ended up being about worsted weight and 183 yards of minty pink goodness! I have no idea what I want to use this yarn for... a hat?... a cowl?.... sell it in my shop perhaps? I'm doing the Hissyfits Craft Show in April, so I may just hoard this handspun till then. I will be spinning like a mad woman in March for the show and running my sewing machine to the ground.


  1. Good Goddess Jess, I love them!!!!

  2. These are amazing - I really really want to learn to spin and dye my own yarn. If you ever feel like doing a blo post on that, I'd be so into it! By the way, your blog has been really rad lately :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'll tuck that idea behind my ear for when I start doing video posts! :D So glad you love my blog!! :D

  3. Oh man! You need to keep that yarn. I am a little biased :)

  4. make a cowl out of it, put it on your shop for me to buy cause I LOVE that pink/blue/green yarn to pieces!!