Love love LOVE zine mail day! Got two that arrived yesterday and can't wait to indulge in these this weekend. I'm still collecting contributors for the zine I'm doing, I've been calling it the Body Riot zine lately. The zine's theme is body positive, fat acceptance, feminism, fat acceptance and all things awesome!

If you would love to contribute, I'm looking for pictures, art, comics, essays, rants, poems... the sky is the limit. Can be something as small as a tiny picture or as big as an essay filling up several pages. Be as shy or radical as you want! Deadline is Feb. 28th, but I may have some wiggle room on that to. It was going to be a 1/4 page sized zine, but I decided to bump it to a standard 1/2 page sized zine. Email me if you would love to be in it [milkyrobot@gmail.com].

On to the zine mail, Batman!

  • C. L. A. P. (Crafty Ladies are Powerful) Issue: Winter 2011 from the shop Double Peace. I for sure need to get the other issues, love it!
  • Bitch Craft Issue #1 from the cute shop Poor Kitty Crafts. Love this zine so far! It's loaded with crafty bitches and fun tips, interviews and idea's!


  1. I am so interested in being involved in this!

    1. Awesome!! You can email me with your contribution OR if you have any questions I would love to help! :D Yay!