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There are many artists out there who inspire me, but these three hold an extra special spot in my heart. I love the style of all the work that they do, something about their style catches my eye.

Travis Lampe has an amazing color theme he uses in his work, they all have the vintage kitschy flair. Reminds me a lot of vintage Halloween and I LOVE vintage halloween. My collection of TL art is growing and I see a lot more in the future to join the Rollar house.

Jeff Soto is such an amazing artist. A lot of my plush work and resin toys are inspired by his work. From his colors to his creatures, they are just breath taking. We have quite a JS collection here at the house. We own all the wood Seeker Friends prints he puts out each month, new one coming out this Thursday, as well as prints and toys.

Kathie Olivas, true love. I love the children she paints and the colors she uses. Their expressions are priceless and amazing. sad to say I only own several vinyl toys by Kathie, but hope to add some prints to our walls this year as well.

Some other artists that I adore include Gary Baseman, Brandt Peters, Shepard Fairey, Pinky Toast and many more.

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