I have been super busy finishing up the last of my commissioned faces. Yesterday I got 5 dolls finished, whew! I am working on a super cute monster Blythe now and hope to have her finished by the end of the week. I just realized how much I actually enjoy working on these dolls and will miss it a lot. I just get so stressed out, not as stressed if it's trade work though, really odd. So maybe down the road I will take a few more faces on trade basis only, who knows.
I don't post too often anymore about my Blythe work and such. So for those who are new to my blog, here is a little snip on what I do as a side "job". I work on doll's called Blythe, they come to me stock (as is_ from the factory most of the time and they are sent from other collectors. I sand down the faces, recarve the lips/nostrils/philtrum, then I redo the whole face makeup and such. It's really fun but also a lot of work. I've been working on faces for close to 4 years now. I also reroot the hair as well. If you look at a Barbie head, you will see little hair plugs, lots of them. That is what I do, I rip out the old hair and reroot in new hair. Most of my reroot work involves lots and lots of colors. I love a challenge with both faces and reroots.

I am currently not taking any custom commissions and may not be taking any in the future, but that could change. I feel I have put so much into working on these dolls that I don't make much time for myself and my own projects, so I need a long break.

I own two Blythe's right now myself, both are stock and will be getting new faces after the move.


  1. I love how realistically you paint these. Pretty please let me know when you're open for comissions again, I have 3 Blythes and I was saying to my boyfriend that I want one customised for a christmas present this year.

    1. Thanks! Will do! I may just take trades in for custom work in the future to! I will know after the move next weekend and such. I know I'll miss doing them lol! (I LOVE your painted shoes to, wink wink)

    2. Ohhh definitely up for some kind of swap then :)
      Let me know when you're taking orders again and we can discuss it xx

  2. Your work is amazing!! and if I ever have anything worth trading for, let me know!!!! I always figured when I had more funds i'd come to you for my next face up!

    (Jessee from Art School Dropout)