Coffee & Donuts

I've been on a baking spree over the weekend and thought I would share my latest baking adventures, as well as some killer iced coffee!

The mini donuts were a recipe from the Sprinkle Bakes book... which I ADORE completely! I want to make everything in that book, the pictures are stunning and her recipe's are so easy to follow. I overfilled the trays a bit, so the donuts look more like muffins... my friend dubbed them as Duffins!

If I am slow at emails this week or commenting back it is because my 11 year old cat, Cha Cha, is missing. She escaped the house yesterday and hasn't been seen since. We have done everything and every trick in the book to find her, but nothing. So send good vibes that she returns soon, her cat buddy Elvis and I miss her terribly.

Next up is this glorious iced coffee tutorial I found via Pinterest! I've been wanting to make this iced coffee in bulk for a while now and remember to grab a bin while at Target yesterday and I'm glad I did! The tutorial is found here. It makes roughly 8 quarts of iced coffee and is SO easy. I only filled a spout pitcher though since our fridge is small.


  1. The sweets like delicious, but more importantly, I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way! A missing fur baby is terrible :(

  2. I know you just moved, is it possible cha cha tried to get back to your old place? We had a cat do this when we re-homed a foster cat. She broke out a cracked window pane at her new owners house and traveled a couple miles and crossed busy 4 lane roads to come back home. Might be worth looking in the direction of your old place. But you probably already know that! Good luck, it's so stressful when little fuzzy pals go missing. Hold out hope though, as a child my constant companion of an orange tabby was missing for over 30 days when she finally came back. I hope cha cha finds home soon.

  3. come to my house and make me sweet and then we can watch movies