I'm super excited about this! I've been wanting to read more and when I saw this Feminist Book Club (FBC) pop up on Grits & Moxie and Grimmricksen's blog a little while ago I just knew I had to join! More info can be read here on joining in the book club, as well as the details for each month.

This month they picked the book The Awakening. I have never read this and I'm anxious to dive in, just need to go pick up my book this weekend!

I'll post each month about the book, like a review and my thoughts. Each blog post will be titled FBC: (insert book name). Just so you know what FBC is, yay! There is also a button on the left side of my blog, click and check it out!

** I stole the banner from Jennifer at Grits & Moxie, hope thats ok lol  **

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  1. Yay - I'm so happy you'll be taking part. And you're totally good to use the banner :)