After a couple months, I finally got to work on a new plush monster! This one is a whole new design to (minus the head). The new monster body features bendy arms & legs as well as rotating hip and shoulder joints as well as longer torso. This guy will be in the shop tonight, if not tomorrow morning!

Today we got to go visit my parents kittens and they are so dan cute!! I just want to scoop them up and take them home, but none are coming with us haha! The white one just kills me with personality!

The Mama is gorgeous! She reminds me of a cleaned up Cha Cha (my cat). She was a stray who my mom took it and she got pregnant later after that, right before my mom went to get her fixed to! All kittens are being kept by my parents and will be getting fixed when they are ready, as well as the mom cat. So sweet! :)

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