Macarons: First Attempt

So last night I tried my hand at baking macarons and they were quite an adventure! I've been wanting to try making these since January but my oven went out at our last house... so there went that idea until now! With a new oven at the new place I went and tried them! They are crazy to make but a lot of fun.

My first attempt didn't turn out, despite how yummy they look in the pictures. The oven was too hot so they cooked faster on the outside and were under cooked inside. But I'll try to adjust this on the next batch.


  1. the book we use to make them is "macaroons" by LOVE FOOD and they worked perfectly first time! i find it really strange that i read a lot of places that people have trouble making them because of this. anyway the ones you've made look really sweet and gorgeous and i would recommend making liquorice all sorts macaroons soo tasty! and perfect for halloween too!

  2. WOAH! They look great! They are super tricky to make!

  3. They got such a good foot on them, which is awesome for a first attempt! And they *are* very pretty even if they didn't bake evenly. Did you use a silpat?

    1. Thanks! I wanted to but haven't been able to find one in a store near me, so I need to order one. I used parchment for these though! :)

  4. They look pretty! So you got the technique down. Maybe I will try making my first ones too. <3

  5. I've been wanting to make some too. What recipe did you use?