I have been buying non-stop as it seems, welcome to tax season, right? I picked up this super cute tooth over at Babymeat on Etsy and he is adorable! I just need to pick up some hemp cord this weekend so I can strut him on my neck, I named him Hector haha! The shop is adorable, so go check it out!

So my splurges have mostly been things for me and things for the new pad. I was super bad and ordered this amazing Travis Lampe print last weel, I could not resist... what so ever! It's amazing, everything about it screams "look at me, I'm fucking amazing!". Such an amazing and inspiring artist.

So the move is creeping up even faster! We move this weekend... yay, gulp! We still have so much to do. I'm more of a last minute type of person, so maybe I was secretly planning this in my head. Don't get me wrong, we have been packing, just still have a lot to do. We will be scrambling tonight for the last minute stuff since we are loading the truck tomorrow then move on Saturday. Super excited!!!

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