Been super busy this weekend, but finally got a moment to catch my breath and blog. This morning I had some new idea's for plush and a vinyl toy I want to sculpt up. So glad I picked up a new sketch pad the other day, I packed all of my others since I didn't think I would be sketching any time soon... oop's!

I've been wanting to paint again and make some sewn plush rather than just crochet. So I sketched up this plush idea that will hopefully let me incorporate both, painting and sewing.

I had a sculpt done that was going to be cast in vinyl... but the sculpt was one of the packages that was stolen in December, so that whole project got the brakes. Sucks. So, I want to start over. Instead of using the same sketch for the vinyl and redoing the whole guy over again, I decide to make a fresh guy. The other character had a bad taste left in my mouth due to the thief.

So I sketched up a new guy that is heavily inspired by my plush monsters.

I can't say enough how excited I am to get over with this move so I can start new projects and start prepping for a craft show next month. Eeep!

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