Yup! You read that correctly! Here over at Milky Robot, we are looking for some dog owners to model and send us a picture of your dog in our tie's! We will only be passing out a couple of these, your picture will be used on the blog and website. Here are the guidelines:

  • Have a blog (not really necessary, but it would be nice to link you back)
  • Must take quality pictures (no quick blurry snapshots and grainy pictures). We will be using the picture on the blog and website, so we would like nice pictures.
  • Have a dog, hah! These are smaller tie's that are around 6 inches long, so medium to small dogs would suit these best. But then again, seeing a Great Dane in a tiny tie would be adorable!
If you are interested in helping us out with a photograph and want a free tie, please comment below with a link to your blog.

I will be picking a handful of people for this and the tie's will be random prints suitable for your boy dog. I will email the people picked for this over the weekend and early next week.


  1. Ummmmmmm HELL YES I want to enter! I have two dapper gentlemen who will be happy to model!

  2. and you know my blog but I will follow your directions mama...

    aka the "Robert Powers" of dog models

  3. I'd love to! And we have both "" and my photography site "" that I could post to! I am sure Cicero would love to be a model! <3

  4. Those ties are adorable! Sadie would totally rock one as a model for one.

  5. I think Marley wants to model one. My blog is:

  6. I just made a shirtcollar for my little one, so a tie would be great for him!

  7. Oo, I'm always looking for an excuse to dress up my little boy poodle and take his picture! Love the ties!
    Here's my blog:

  8. I have a handsome pug named Rupert that would make a smashing model. He has worn bow ties before, but never "regular" style ties. He's missing out!

  9. Yes, please! Just the other day I was wishing I had a doggy tie or a doggy bowtie for my little pooches. I have a super miniature schnauzer, Oscar, and a lazy Westie, Ziggy. I'm sure they both would look adorable in a tie and I wouldn't mind providing photographic evidence. ^_^

    1. Blog -
      My dogs -