I always have some goals I want to get accomplished each month and never really write them down or stick to them! So I figured I might try to for May. I have a couple realistic ones I want to do and some that may be completely far fetched.

  • Finish reading Hot & Heavy and start FAT! SO?
  • Get back to my daily blogging, even if I bore you with my daily life pictures hah!
  • Spend more time off the internet and enjoy things around me, I'm an addict I tell you.
  • Bake more vanilla scones!
  • Work on doing my weekly self photographs again.
  • Find some bloggers who would love to guest post on the blog (will be posting about this soon)
  • Lighten up my blonde chunk in my hair, it's way past due!
  • Start a daily Oskar pic (after the 6th when he gets here!!!)
  • Work on some new things for the shop... I think the dog items were a disaster with sales, boo.
  • Stay positive and fill my month with everything happy (will be writing up a happy list, stole that from Jes haha!)