Over the weekend it dawned on me that I haven't done any self pictures in a while, I had to changed that. Since I was feeling super good yesterday and got some cute clothes in the mail, I decided to snap at it!

Yesterday we went and grabbed some frozen yogurt at Yogurtland (my favorite!) and I tried the new chai flavor, amazing! Of course I can't have froyo without cheesecake chunks, duh! Z actually tried some for the first time as well. She has never been a big ice cream or sweets girl, so this was awesome to see her try it and like it.

Other than a froyo weekend, I had an amazing experience from doing this mini me photo shoot. I grabbed at my belly and snapped away. Why? Not sure, it just seemed right at the time, something I would have never done in a million years. When I looked at the pictures I thought I would cringe, but instead, I loved them. It's very odd how this photo could be so liberating.

I did however get my first bad negative comment on IG. Someone put "Why do you try to rationalize fat? Why not live healthy?". This irked the living shit out of me for several reasons... it proves to me that people REALLY do associate fat with unhealthy, shame on them. Also, I'm not rationalizing anything. Fat doesn't need to be rationalized, it's a body, you don't rationalize a body.The picture they commented on wasn't even a picture about being fat, it was a quote about body positive. Sigh.


  1. Awesome Jess!!!! I hope you told them to go fuck off, You are beautiful!!!!!

  2. you are amazing !!!!! you are geogeous and lovely inside and out! Love you very much.

  3. I mean, why do you try to have any original thoughts on anything at all? Why don't you just buy into everything media tells you about anything, like a normal person?

  4. Loving the self portraits of you.

  5. You are super gorgeous! Love these pictures of you. And I kind of want to steal your glasses. ;)

    When you challenge societal standards, people don't always react well. It is a reflection of them, and their own insecurities... and maybe a small part is jealous that you've found a way to move past that!