While wrapping up this week's Body Positive photo challenge, I came to the last day...

What Body+ means to you

It really got me thinking about everything and the week that just passed. Seeing everyone join in and their pictures really made me emotional at times, women come out of their shell and learning that their body is a good body. Even if it were just for a week, I believe it has opened their eyes and will hopefully carry on to more great things as time passes.

Body Positive is important to me because it reminds me that we do not come out of Barbie mold. If we did, the world would be boring, incredibly. I used to wish I had a flat stomach, thinner thighs and maybe only one chin... but as time goes on and I learn to love my body, I'm glad I look how I do. I struggle just like everyone else, I have bad days where I'm not so happy about certain areas of my body. But all in all, I prefer to have my body.

Lately I get a joy out of someone looking at me when I talk. I know they see my body and I want them to. I want them to see me as me, see that I am happy and love myself. It gives me confidence.

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