Sorry for disappearing for a couple days, it's been rough with missing my cat that I really haven't been in the mood to blog. I hope to get crackin' again here soon now that I'm starting to feel a little better. She is still missing. So it's been hard on how to react or "mourn" all of this since I know deep down that she is not coming home, it's just not her.

I have been trying to keep super busy so I don't think to much so I have been busy planning the puppies arrival hah! I ordered his collar and tag yesterday, his official name is.... Oskar. The name stuck with me and I just had to keep it.

Today I ran out to Joanns and picked up some squishy fabric for two small dog pillow beds. I had to get the shark print since I love sharks to death, then I saw the science print and it screamed Adventure Time (ahem, Science the rat). I hope to get this cut up this week and sewn up, got two 27" pillow forms for them, yay!

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