While trying to keep busy, I started to cut out the two puppy beds for the house and will be cutting out a puppy quilt! Yay!

The Science print reminded me of Adventure Time (Science the Rat, anyone?) and I just adore sharks and the movie Jaws, so it was too perfect. The fabrics are like a super soft minky fabric and even softer on the backside with a pastel feel, so I'm opting to make them inside out since I just love the back of the prints.

Up next will be the patchwork puppy quilt. I'm doing a 30" x 30" quilt so it will be great for our laps to, cutting out 25 - 6.5" squares. They will be 5 x 5 assorted and random in boy colors. Maybe I'm going over board, but eh, it's keeping me busy and happy. I have doll work to do Friday and tonight, so for now I'll be cutting till the evening!

Some amazing mail came yesterday! A trade package with my friend Heidi of My Paper Crane! She packed this box full of adorable random cuteness, just look at that donut pillow?! Love everything and ZoĆ« adores her new tee!


  1. It's all so cute! I can't get over it.

  2. YES to Adventure Time! It totally looks like Science! Those are some adorable pillows too :D Total cuteness overload