This morning I emailed Cortnie over at The Cortnie Girl this image I found on IG. Here it is and TRIGGER WARNING y’all. She linked it and I don’t want that garbage on my blog in any way. Click here to see it. 
After seeing it, Cortnie KNEW that she needed to make a body+ photo a day challenge. Promoting eating disorders to lose weight is so so damaging! So, from that, Cortnie and I birthed our own challenge.
Cortnie will do a wee little explanation for each day.
Day 1: Body+ Selfie - This is similar to a gratuitous picture of yourself (GPOY) and really is there for you to see yourself as the beautiful creature that you are! Take a picture of yourself and blast it on Instagram!
Day 2: Your Favorite Body Part - body-positivity starts by appreciating and/or working towards loving your body for what it is. You can start this by taking a picture of your favorite body part! You can even take a picture of a body part that you aren’t so sure of yet in order to start normalizing it for yourself. <3 ps: I’m bound to have some pictures of my legs.
Day 3: What Makes You Happy - Life isn’t only about what you look like. Life is about what you enjoy, what you do, and who you are! Take a picture of something that makes you happy, whether that is a book or a cat. 
Day 4: Your Favorite Food - That proana photo challenge is all about not eating. Lets enjoy fueling our bodies! Take a photo of your favorite food, whatever it is! Chips, fruit, ice cream, hamburger, WHATEVER! 
Day 5: What You Love About Yourself - This is a big one and it’s super broad for a reason. Take a picture that represents what you love about yourself! That can be your hair or it can be your neatly organized (or endlessly messy) bedroom, or your child, or something you’ve done! 
Day 6: Your Favorite Outfit - It isn’t only models who looks awesome in clothes! It isn’t only models who can be stylish! All of us can be! Thick, thin, fat, or skinny.. show your favorite outfit! Or just the one you’re wearing that day! 
Day 7: What Body+ Means To You - Like Day 5, this day is broad.. but for good reason! Body+ can and does change lives. It makes you unafraid, it supports you, and urges you to try new things. It can completely change your lifepath, and that’s what’s so great about it! Take a picture of what it means to you, whether that is you wearing something society says you shouldn’t be wearing, eating a nice meal, showing your belly, moving your body, hugging another person, whatever! The opportunities are endless!
Please take part! This can be a great way to blast bodylove and positivity on social media sites!
While participating, make sure you hashtag each photo with #radicalselfworship! The great thing about this challenge is that it’s only 7 days! One week! Easy! Then if you want, you can continue on each week with the challenge! Or pick up where you left off! Whatever you want! 
Be sure to share your photos on Instagram (obviously) with the hashtag, but also send them to Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr if you want! You can mention Cortnie and I in your photos to make sure we see them, as well. I’m @milkyrobot and Cortnie is @cortniexo! You can also find me online at various social networks by checking my links in the sidebar! 

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