Thought I would post the newest Oskar picture I got from the breeder this weekend! He has changed, his eyes are open now! So sweet! Oh how I can't wait to see this guy in person again, he is now 2 weeks old!

A little up date on my cat Cha Cha who went missing 2 weeks ago, she is still gone. After seeing two playful cats down by the lake the other day it made me realize that if she is out and about, no wonder she isn't home! She has an amazing lake to play near, grass everywhere and birds to watch. So whether she is with someone being loved or living the hobo life with other kitty friends, I know she is happy. Thinking this makes me feel a lot better, I do miss her terrible and would love for her to come home soon. I would post a picture of her on the blog but seeing her pictures get me very weepy, so I need to stay clear of them for a little while longer until I can hold it together. For now, you can click the link here to see her, she was so sweet <3

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