Blythe Works

I don't share Blythe stuff on the blog much anymore but thought I would today! I have a stack of dolls to get through in the next few weeks so I've been busy with faces. I also have two of my own dolls to do faces on at some point, but they will have to wait. One is a Middie and the other just a Neo Blythe.

I get asked a lot about what I do on these dolls. I'll try to do a photo tutorial on a custom I work on for the blog from start to finish. I think it would be easier to explain that way. But in short, I sand off the stock face, recarve the lips/nostrils/philtrum and give the face new life basically. From time to time I reroot their hair. I have one reroot I'm finishing up now, but I don't think I'll take more commissioned reroots, I'm to slow these days. I am thinking of rerooting my own Middie though, not a fan of her yellow blond hair.

Here are some finished Blythe's I've done this week so far. I have one more carved and on my table and one more to carve Friday.


  1. Love these! I'm old enough to have played with Blythe when I was a little girl. I love all the ooak work going on.

  2. So freaking pretty!