This morning has been crazy busy! Yesterday we got news that Oskar is ready to come home 2 days early (it was supposed to be Monday). After taking Z to the kids workshop at Home Depot this morning we quickly dropped her off at my parents and headed out to pick up Oskar!

He is such a sweetheart! I can tell already that we have have a great bond. He tried to stay awake on the long car ride home but slowly passed out in my arms. The head shot of him is where he started to doze off haha!

After a long day of driving and getting used to his new place, he is pooped! He keeps waking up to play for a bit then crashes. I love this little guy to death and it hasn't even been 24 hours with him yet! He's already gone 3 times outside in the grass with only 1 accident in the house when he first got home. Fingers crossed this is a good sign he will be easy to housebreak! :)