MY SHIT LIST (in progress)

So yesterday I was having a pretty blah day by the end of it. After my husband got home I ended up locking myself in our bedroom after dinner while he handles the 4 year old... she was screaming at the top of her lungs, refusing to get dressed for bed after taking a bath. At this point I had enough, it's been a LONG day with the wee one. I found the post on Jes' blog again about her shit days and it reminded me to start mine own.

Today was a low for this week, so I was determined to make my list and see if I could pop up a smile... it worked.

Things I can do to turn a shit day to a good one
  • Sketch: This always soothes me and clears my mind
  • Coffee: A quick drive up to Starbucks for an iced quad shot white mocha (no whip) and vanilla bean scones, my favorite!
  • Blog catch up: Read through my blog list and catch up on some good reads
  • Pet Elvis: Easy, pet my cat... he tends to purr the bad day away
  • Knit or crochet: I love knitting and crochet, sometimes this takes me away, especially when I have a new monster in mind

This list is a HUGE work in progress. Today I sketched, pet Elvis and caught up on blogs, that helped a lot. I also read a story in Hot & Heavy and that just made me all warm and fuzzy. Love that book!

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