REVIEW: Wet Noses Dog Treats

Thought I would do a review, I don't think I've done any of those in a while. I know a lot of my readers have dogs so I wanted to share these biscuits I came across (these are new to me hah!).

I was looking for some non-crappy dog biscuits or treats that were wheat free for Oskar. I headed over to Pet Club today and found some! Pet Club is a pet shop that carries only natural style dog food and products, love that shop! The biscuits I got were from the company Wet Noses (cute name!) and I grabbed the Pumpkin ones... wanted the peanut butter ones but they only had the trial size in stock, which isn't bad I guess but I wanted a full box. I know, gutsy for trying them for the first time.

I can happily report that Oskar loves them and I do to! They have great ingredients and are all organic:
  • Organic Rye Flour
  • Organic Pumpkin
  • Organic Canola Oil
  • Organic Ginger
  • Organic Cinnamon

Would I buy them again? You bet! I want to try the other flavors soon so I will most likely pick up the trial sizes in all different flavors. I give these treats a 5 star rating!

Check out the companies site here. Please note that I was not paid for this review, I don't even think they knew I did a review.

Oskar was on a grain free diet but had some bathroom issues with the food I had him on (Taste of the Wild) so I had to switch him back to the food he was weened on which I hate but his tummy is better. I don't think it was the food itself though. He's currently on Pedigree Puppy (gag), but I plan to switch him on to a grain free brand at around 16 weeks. Leaning towards Merrick, Blue Buffalo or another kind.

Some new pics of little Oskar! He's a huge snuggler and such a sweet feisty puppy!


  1. I feed my dogs freedom by blue buffalo and they like it alright, but then again they are dogs and are going to like anything you give them. xD

    I haven't heard of that brand of treats, but will have to check them out. I currently have been buying 'fruitables' which are soy, corn, and wheat free. They smell pretty amazing, too. haha.

  2. When switching foods for Tala, we go pretty slow. She'll still have some stomach issues as we go, but after a few days of fully switched over she rights herself again.

  3. i just discovered your blog today through sarah over at bring more yarn. i am also a boston terrier owner! tallulah is three and a half and still has tummy issues, so she is on an all organic limited ingredient diet. maybe its a tiny boston thing? my mom's big boston has no issues whatsoever.

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