Swimsuits & Zines

So the other night I tried on my swimsuit for the first time after buying it (I did not try it on then either). For the first time in 15 years I liked what I saw in a swimsuit. I'm not a size 2, 10 or 20 but my confidence in that suit showed. Normally I would pick at this or suck in that, but this time I just stood in the mirror and smiled. This is what body positivity has done to me and I thank it! Even while swimming I caught myself saying that I want to pick up some tank top and sleeveless tee's for the summer. Now, I have never in my teen and adult years wore a sleeveless tee, ever. Maybe when I was in elementary school and my mom put it on me. Not sure why but I want to show off my arms SO bad this summer, it could be the Weight Watchers commercial to thank for that one. Nothing like hearing you can't go sleeveless with fat arms and now want to give them the finger for that.

The one thing that made me uncomfortable swimming was when people started talking about weight loss surgery. I ended up getting out the water way before I wanted to just to avoid that talk. It was not towards me. It was incredibly triggering and I'm glad I was feeling confident that day.

On another note, my Body Riot zine is just about ready for the copy machine! I have 2 pages left to fill and I think they are taken, so once I get the submissions in I will finish it up and work on the info on my blog for the contributors in the first issue. It's going to be glorious! The cover will be in full color and the guts are in black and white. There is 24 pages in this zine, I added extra since I had more submissions over the weekend. In this issue you will find submissions from Rachele (Nearsighted Owl), Cortnie (The Cortnie Girl), Mel Stringer (Girlie Pains) and more!

Another zine that is ready for printing is my personal feminist & fat activist zine called Squid Cake. This is also the first issue and is loaded with rantings by yours truely, me! Some things in this zine were things I needed to get off my chest. It will be full black and white with 12 pages.

And lastly, I started a brand new zine based off my amigurumi patterns! It's called Plush Soup and it will be gnarly as hell! I have been torn on how to get my patterns published. Whether to self publish or send off to a publisher and cross my fingers... then it hit me, zine! Each issue will feature a pattern or two, then stuffed with poems, stories, sketches and more based off of the patterns in each issue. The first issue is Monsters and is already turning out to be super awesome! I have a few other zines in my head that I want to start on after I get caught up with my work. One will be a comic featuring my pets, Oskar and Elvis.