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I have been VERY quiet lately and out of the blogging loop and blogging in general. I haven't really been up to anything new, still the same old stuff. I've been so busy with Oskar and my 4 year old, it's like have a newborn in the house.

Remember a while back I blogged about being interested in going vegan or vegetarian? I think I'm finally ready to make a switch to vegetarian. Ethics keep popping up more and more lately. For some reason having Oskar around makes me think about it even more. Just the thought that some people have pigs, chickens, cows (etc) as pets makes me think about how Oskar is a great pet and I wouldn't eat him... not that we do that around here, you know what I mean.

So you may start to see a lot of vegetarian things pop up on my blog soon like recipe's I'm trying, products I'm coming across and such. I'm looking for a few alternatives on some things I normally eat and drink and such. If this goes well I would like to eventually switch to vegan and would love to see that happen in 2014. I'm a slow process type person so taking baby steps is easier for me to go vegan. Giving up meat is pretty easy for me since I only eat chicken and beef, so only two things to get ditch. I'm not a fish eater and pork completely grosses me out. I'll start with ditching the meat and start switching things slowly like milk, cheese and other things.

I am making a shopping list tonight for the store tomorrow. The husband is a meat eater so it will be tricky for a bit while I get used to these changes. If you have any food product recommendations, shout it out! I'm such a picky eater so trying new things is always a struggle for me but I want to be more open minded with food.


  1. pork grosses me out, too! bacon, no problemo, but something like pork loin just makes me gag. i don't know if i could give up chicken or beef, but it's really just habitual that i eat them. good luck!

    1. I'm not a huge fan of meat substitutes, for some reason they make me gag, literally. I tried faux chicken before and I couldn't keep it down. It's a texture thing for me I think.

  2. Woop, yay for vegetarianism!

    I promise you the thing you will find the hardest is not finding delicious food to eat and amazing recipes but, as with so many things, the social pressure. I've been a vegetarian for over 10 years so people have pretty well accepted it by now, but when I was still in my early/mid stages (and when I was vegan for awhile) there was always lots of teasing, questioning, and heated discussion. I think hardest thing for me has always been that people often assume that because I chose this diet for myself for a number of very personal reasons, I was automatically suggesting that they need also be vegetarian/vegan. You will find people get defensive before you have even really begun discussing your reasoning. And don't even get me started on discussions about protein and iron intake.

    Not to be discouraging, though, being vegetarian is awesome-especially when it is coming from a place of feeling you're doing the right thing. I don't necessarily believe being vegetarian/vegan is the be-all-end-all of ethical food consumption, but it can feel very right on a personal level and I think that's very important, to feel good that what you are consuming lines up with your values about what is right.

  3. I thought this might help!

    Congrats on going veg!


  4. Congrats on transitioning towards veg/vegan. I was a veg for 5 years before I reverted back to meat eating. My biggest suggestion? Extra firm tofu.
    Make sure you press your tofu to remove all excess water (SUPER IMPORTANT) cut and marinade in your favorite teriyaki sauce for at least 30-60 minutes. Put in a single layer on a cookie sheet and broil those bad boys for a few minutes on each side until each side is tacky (about 6 minutes each). I swear, even your meat eating husband will gobble those up!