Guest Blogger: Sarah from Bring More Yarn

Hey guys! It's me Sarah from Bring More yarn! Jess invited me to come hang out on her blog and talk to you guys! She suggested I talk about one of life loves, comics! I often get told by people that they want to read more comics but they just don't know where to start! It can be difficult that's for sure, but rewarding, I promise! So the first step to getting into comics in my opinion is to go to a comic book shop! I know this in itself can be intimidating. A lot of comic book shops can get kind of bad reputations for customer service, especially in regards to ladies. Just remember that you are the customer and no small business in it's right mind should be turning away your dollars. If you go to one store and you find the people to be rude, try another! It took me a while to find my store, but now I wouldn't shop anywhere else! I'd also suggest checking sites like yelp and see what other people have to say.

Another common misconception is that the only way you can like comics is if you've liked them since birth or something. WRONG. There is no wrong time to start reading comics. Maybe you saw batman/avengers/superman and now you want to read the comics. Go do it! Now is a good time especially because a lot of the major franchises have rebooted within the past few years making it easier to jump right in. Check out some of the books and if it seems like something you could dig go look for trade paper backs.

Or you could do what I did and just obsessively read wiki's until you know everyones backstory. There really is no wrong way to go about it. If it's something you love that brings you joy then don't worry about whether it's a new love or something you've been doing since you were young. Chances are you already have some comic experience already! When I was little I loved the sunday funnies and Betty and Veronica. In high school I was super into Manga. All of this falls into the same realm as comics. If it was ok to like it then its ok to like it now!

Lastly I get some people telling me they aren't interested in musclebound super hero men that save the damsel and that's it. Well you're in luck because there are a lot of comics that AREN'T like that. There are comics with no super heroes at all! There are comics with lady heroines! There are comics with gay/lesbian heroes/heroines. There is literally something for everyone.

In conclusion, comics are great and everyone should find one they love. Adding a little more art to your life is never a bad thing.


  1. I love American Splendor and anything Daniel Clowes.

  2. I got into comics in college - I was studying Italian and one of my classmates had a bunch in Italian. It was a really good way to get comfortable with the idiomatic, spoken language, and the fact that you are following along with the pictures as well made it easier. Plus when we were studying Dante's Inferno we found a comic version - like Cliffs Notes but more fun :D I definitely recommend it if you are studying a language.

  3. I love this! Finding your store is so true - I've been to a few different comic book shops and some of them made me feel so uncomfortable and objectified. But since I've found a shop where I feel welcome, I go on the regular!